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Hi You!

I'm Sarah, born in '88, living in Vlaams-Brabant (Belgium-based).

I'm a very spontanious and enthousiast person, love to be social, creative and adventurous.

I love my job as Make-Up Artist!

I'm very passionate, flexible and dedicated!

I'll go whenever, wherever the job brings me.

 24/7, worldwide, I'll be there ;)



I'm available for beauty, fashion, commercial, productions, (live)streams, video, events, weddings, workshops & education.

I love working on set, teamwork makes the dream work!

I think it's very important to have a good teamspirit with enthusiasm, respect and good vibes only. Every member of the team is always very dedicated and it bring out great results. My part as a makeup artist, isn't only important for the end result, but also for the "feel good and confident" experience of the model.

Every wedding is very important to me, it's the most important day of my client's life and she needs to shine like a diamond!

It's very important that the make-up is a reflection of the inner beauty of the bride. That's why I take my time with a test make-up to get to know the personality of the bride, which make-up style she likes and which make-up she's used to apply, but also the preferences of her husband, he love's the bride for who she is.


I adore to make people feel great about themselves, make them shine. Every person is beautiful in their own way and by using the right techniques I can bring out the best!


You are your talent, if you love what you do it never feels as work! ;-)

With love,


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