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I'm Sarah, born in '88, living in Vlaams-Brabant (Belgium-based).

I'm a very spontanious and enthousiast person, love to be social, creative and adventurous.

I love my job as Make-Up Artist!

I'm very passionate, flexible and dedicated.

I'll go whenever, wherever the job brings me.

 24/7, worldwide, I'll be there ;)



I'm available for beauty, fashion, commercial, productions, (live)streams, video, events, workshops & education.

I love working on set, teamwork makes the dream work!

I think it's very important to have a good teamspirit with enthusiasm, respect and good vibes only. Every member of the team is always very dedicated and it bring out great results. My part as a makeup artist, isn't only important for the end result, but also for the "feel good and confident" experience of the model.


I adore to make people feel great about themselves, make them shine. Every person is beautiful in their own way and by using the right techniques I can bring out the best!


You are your talent, if you love what you do it never feels as work! ;-)

With love,


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