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Dear Brides to be,


Every wedding is very important to me, it's THE day of your life and you need to shine like a diamond!

I think it's very important that the make-up is a reflection of the inner beauty of the bride. That's why I take my time with a test make-up to get to know the personality of the bride, what make-up you are used to apply and your preferences: Which make-up do you prefer? Which color accent will we use? Do you like the focus on the eyes? What does your husband like most about you, is it the color of your eyes, your lips, your cheakbones? Are you an elegant type or more nonchalant? What is the style of your dress? What do you have in mind for your hairstyle? And much more questions to ask so let's take our time to try out some looks until you find the perfect make-up for your weddingday!

Below you can find some pictures of brides of whom I was part of their big day to make them shine. I already did +40 brides, I will help you along and be pleased to start your weddingday together, a stressless beautiful morning to start a wonderful day!

Congrats with the engagement, I hope to see you soon!

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